Jan 20, 2022 - Revisiting Basil

After a few years of wandering around in other open-source projects like Vircadia and ROS2, I’ve come back to do some work on Basil and its components.

I’ve reworked the protocol into an entity/ability model and rewrote a lot of the Javascript code with a transport/protocol/message architecture. I am now re-writing the OpenSimulator plugins to work with the new protocol and architecture.

Why revisit? With the “metaverse” becoming A Thing, I really felt the idea of a viewer that is separate from world logic is more important than ever.

Also, since I’m a virtual world old timer (been doing this stuff for over 20 years), I have the nagging feeling that virtual worlds are a nitch. A big nitch for sure – it will create billion dollar companies and industries. But augmented reality is where the real life changing application will happen. Think how the touch-screen, graphical, cell phone has changed the world.

Thus, the Basil architecture is again important.