NOTE: Aug 18, 2022: This project is asleep and no work is being done.

Herbal3d is an umbrella project for the building of a virtual world and augmented reality viewer. The viewer is usable with different virtual world and augmented reality systems. That is, the building of the one viewer to rule them all. Well, not “rule” them. But certainly display the 3d world represented by the virtual world simulation and/or the augmented reality system.

The dream is to have a 3d viewer that can display avatars from different virtual world systems in the same view or display the data from multiple augmented reality systems in the same view.

Currently, this umbrella project contains the projects:

  • BasilJS: a browser based version of Basil;
  • RaguOS: a SpaceServer for OpenSimulator using region modules;

and, eventually, other projects mostly exploring viewer extensibility:

  • BasilG: a [Godot] based application that implements Basil;
  • BasilUE: a Unreal Engine based application that implements Basil;

Basil is the viewer portion of this project. It simply displays 3D entities and UI features as instructed and it handles all device dependent considerations. Basil can be used to view virtual worlds, games, or augmented reality. The display may be a computer screen, a tablet, head mounted goggles, or a heads up display.

An instance of Basil talks to multiple SpaceServers which act as the intermediaries between the Basil renderer and the virual world or augmented reality system. Basil handles the problem of display of the 3d objects while not having any “world” logic embedded in it. The SpaceServers present to Basil the objects to display in space.

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